With so many tools and methods for analysing data it can be difficult to know where to start. We can provide training that is focussed on practical applications tailored to your business rather than a general overview of product features or theory heavy material.


Visualising data can lead to some great insights into your data or models. We have courses covering

  • Interactive Graphics for Analysis and Reporting (including dashboards)
  • Geographic Visual Analysis
  • Visualisations for Advanced Analytics


Slicing and dicing your data can only get you so far. To get deep insights and understand the complex processes going on in your business you will require advanced analytics and people who are capable of interpreting the results. We offer courses in

  • Data Mining with R
  • Migrating from SAS to R
  • Experimental Design for Business


Depending on your needs we can customise the course to best suit your current capabilities and future direction. Pick and choose from analytics and visualisation courses. We can also combine consulting and training to provide maximum value to your business.