Hansel Solutions is the creatively named contracting company owned by Ian Hansel. I am a Data Scientist specialising in extracting insights from data using visualisation and statistical learning algorithms. Services provided include:

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About Ian Hansel

Following an Honours degree in Statistics at the University of Wollongong I worked in analytical roles at a social networking startup, Australia's largest insurance company and consulting at one of the big four accounting firms. All roles varied greatly but the one thing that was constant was the problem solving aspect of all the roles. I really enjoy going into a project, diving into the data and surfacing with useful insights.

I believe that there is a need for better interactive visualisation tools for analysts. Especially in terms of interactive graphics to aid in exploratory analysis and model building. That has led to my own attempt - Percept - a tool that aims to combine the fantastic graphics from D3.js and the power of R for statistical modelling.