Percept nalytics

Statistics made simple.

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Visualise Your Data

Get valuable insights by going beyond what you can get in Excel. We've got all your favourites from scatter plots to bar charts. And we've thrown in some charts you won't find in Excel like, box plots, maps and network plots.

Model Your Data

Wouldn't it be great to recommend products and service to your customers? With Percept Analytics you can build your very own recommendation service, like Amazon or Netflix. Just put in your data and start identifying patterns.

Easy to Start

Analyse your data right from the browser. No complex analytics servers and licenses to get setup. Get started in minutes, not months.

Easy to Scale

Getting started with Big Data doesn't have to be a Big Deal. One click and you can get the resources you need to analyse your data.


It's easy to add a customised solution. We have experts to help you integrate with existing systems and build the features you require.


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